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Frigidaire FRA054XT7 Window Air Conditioner Reviews

It has a quiet operation which means it won't keep you awake half the night, like some other air conditioners do.

Window air conditioners really are something, aren’t they? It’s convenient. Now you no longer have to hire someone to make a hole on your wall just the get the air conditioner to fit. With window AC’s, all you need is your window. Well, you just have to make sure that your measurements are correct, to avoid the hassle. But the rest is a breeze, even the installation. 

Now let’s check out the fourth product we have for our window air conditioner reviews, which is another Frigidaire AC, the FRA054XT7 Window-Mounted Mini Room Air Conditioner with 5,000 BTU. This one’s got a good price as well. Not too expensive, but not cheap either. So are you ready to know if this is the one? Right on!

Perfect For Smaller Rooms

The Frigidaire FRA054XT7 5,000 BTU 115-Volt Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner will work well in smaller rooms that have a maximum size of 165 square feet. Be prepared to get comfortable. This unit can quickly cool your room on even the hottest days. It has a quiet operation which means it won’t keep you awake half the night, like some other air conditioners do. It has a low voltage start-up & operation so you can save on energy. 

It’s very easy to operate, and it has convenient temperature-readout displays for you to set the temperature on. It also comes with its very own full-function remote control so you can control the temperature and the fan speed even when you’re all the way across the room. It also has a top, full-width, two-way air direction control, and an antibacterial mesh filter to help get rid of airborne particles, bacteria and unpleasant room odors. One of a kind product.

Features And Specifications

Here are the features that the Frigidaire FRA054XT7 has to offer:
  • Energy Star 5,000 BTU115-volt window-mounted mini-compact air conditioner
  • Can cool room size of up to 165 square feet.
  • Features auto cool mode which allows the fan to adjust speeds should room temperature change
  • Temperature control maintains preset room temperature so you’re always at your comfort level
  • Can dehumidify up to 1.1 pints per hour
  • It has ready-select electronic controls that are extremely easy to use.
  • Has an energy-save function
  • 24-hour timer
  • Has a 6.5 ft. three-prong power cord
  • Has a two-speed fan with two-way direction control
  • Anti-bacterial mesh filter with slide-out access
  • It also has full-width air discharge vents
  • Electronic controls and full-function remote control
  • Weighs 36 lbs.
  • Measures 15.2” by 16” by 12”
  • Is backed by a 1-year full and 5-year sealed system warranty

Customer Reviews

Check out what these people have to say about the Frigidaire FRA054XT7:

“I was planning on getting my sister a really cool Christmas present, but decided to stick to being practical so I sent her this air conditioner for tents as an early xmas present. I was expecting to hear moaning and groaning about what a boring gift I sent. Turns out, the Frigidaire FRA054XT7 was a great gift. 

She said she can now actually hear the TV when the AC is running because it’s so quiet. She even said it was easy to install. I’d say best bang for your buck!” – Phillies08“My parents recently turned the walk-in attic into a fourth bedroom. But it was so hot so since I was spending a lot of my time up there I bought the Frigidaire FRA054XT7. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and I wasn’t expecting any miracles but I was more than pleasantly surprised. So long sleepless nights!” – sweetpea

We Recommend the Frigidaire FRA054XT7 for keeping your room cool and comfortable.

Where To Buy The Frigidaire FRA054XT7You may buy the Frigidaire FRA054XT7 on selected home appliance stores nationwide. For a quick and hassle free purchase, you may also look it up online. To get great deals and offers, please feel free to visit

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