Saturday, February 6, 2016

Best Wax for Black Cars - Top Three Waxes

Waxing brings out the glossy appeal of the car making it look more elegant. The wax also forms a protective coat against moisture, greases, stains and dust. Black cars are well known for having the best shine. However, it is also more difficult to bring out the glossy finish in black cars. This is because black shiny surfaces easily bring out the imperfections as compared to other colors. It is therefore important to use a good wax on black cars. 

Some of the best wax for black cars is as follows:

Pure Carnuba Wax

Regarded as one of the best waxes

Safe for car paint and environment

Covers chips and minor scratches

Produces deep color effect

Pure Carnuba wax is regarded as one of the best waxes for black cars. The main reason that makes the Carnuba wax suitable is its simple and basic ingredients. The ingredients are not only safe for the car paint, but also to the environment. The pure Carnuba wax covers up chips and minor scratches. It also produces a deep color effect. The wax not only gives the car a shiny appearance, but also protects the paintwork against ultraviolet (UV) rays. The protective coat offers long lasting gloss.

Pinnacle Souveran

Also regarded as one of the best waxes for black cars

Brings out deep dark color

Is not cheap

Used in top grade shows

Coats car with protective film

Pinnacle souveran is also regarded as one of the best wax for black cars. It is a type of Brazilian carnauba paste wax, which is also very popular. The wax gives very impressive results in a very short time; the wax will also bring out a dazzling appeal that will bring out the deep dark color. However, Pinnacle souveran which is regarded as a premium wax does not come cheap. It is usually used in situations that require top grade results. 

This will include car beauty shows, ceremonies and also when selling a car. Similar to the pure carnauba wax, Pinnacle souveran also coats the car with a protective film. This film will guard against moisture, dirt, dust and other debris.

Turtle Wax 

BlackTurtle wax –black is one of the products that are commonly used. This is attributed to its outstanding results and also affordability. Turtle wax-black is also the easiest wax to use in the market. The wax comes as a kit containing three products. The package includes paint conditioner and pre-wax cleaner, carnauba deep black wax and special black car detailer. Turtle wax-black produces a deep color with a wet appearance. The wax will greatly appeal to the budget conscious people who are looking for a shiny sparkle.

Other types of car waxes that are also among the best wax for black cars include “Meguair yellow wax, dudo juice blue velvet, turtle wax color magic and Zymol Ebony Black Wax

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